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Privacy Policy

KabNow completely respects your privacy as a consumer of our services. Under no circumstances do we share your personal information with a third party, unless when necessary to provide safety and security.

When processing and fulfilling sales, we may use third-party services like banks and payment services, and relay to them only the information they need to process the sale and complete the transaction.

App's Core Functions

KabNow app's core functions include ride hailing and sharing, and food and package delivery. In all cases, a client will need to make a service request before service can be provided. This requires that the client be registered with KabNow and maintain an account on our system.

Driver Registration

The data we collect during driver registration may include:

We may also use this information to run a background check on the driver for security and safety purposes.

Rider or Client Registration

The data we collect during rider or (delivery client) registration may include:

Device Permissions

The app needs the following permissions to allow for great user experience:

The app also forwards the address provided by the rider to the driver app to help guide the driver to the rider. This information is only used to complete the transaction and provide the service requested by the rider. It is not shared with any third party.

The KabNow app may collect you locatiuon and pass it on to appropriate safety and security personnel in cases of emergency to safeguard you safety and security. However, this action is triggered by you, the owner of the app.